Lifelong Meditech's Quality System encompasses an exhaustive series of tests and inspection at different stages in the manufacturing cycle. Our manufacturing plant conforms to GMP and ISO standards. The discipline of this standard is evident in the physical ambience of our plant, the air and water quality, manufacturing technology, packaging and the sterilization process.

Special micro and HEPA filters at all air handling units ensure minimal contamination in the manufacturing areas. All clean rooms are provided with three step change rooms and air showers at the entrance to ensure a dust-free environment. We have installed the latest technology automated machines in our plant. The superior assembly and packaging machines ensure repeatability and consistency in product quality.

We use Ethylene Oxide gas to sterilize the products, as per EN 550/ISO 11135 standards. The entire process is automated and computerized. Each batch is well documented for the sterilization cycle and released for dispatch after written approval of a senior Quality Assurance official. Our products are packed to ensure minimal risk of contamination or damage during transportation.

Lifelong Meditech’s products comply with International Quality Standards, the testimony to this fact is the below certificates it has to its credit:


Lifelong Meditech has a well defined Quality Policy and Quality Objectives which is as stated below

Quality Policy
We are committed to:
  • Provide quality products at optimum cost
  • Implement continual improvement
  • Maintain an effective quality management system which complies with regulatory requirement
  • Ensure customer satisfaction and meet their requirements on sustained basis
Quality Objectives
  • Achieve customer satisfaction through timely & cost effective supply of products of consistent quality
  • Achieve continual improvement through:
    - Employee training and motivation
    - Productivity improvement
  • Comply with all applicable Indian and International regulations