Using the finest manufacturing facilities, Lifelong Meditech Limited manufactures and markets disposable syringes, needles, infusion sets and surgical gloves.

The Company remains focused on ascending the value chain in the marketing of medical disposables and is determined to add more products to its offerings. Very soon we shall start manufacturing of safety syringes, insulin syringes and tuberculin.

Your health and well-being is our passion and that’s why we manufacture products which maintain the highest level of quality and safety standards. Lifelong Meditech’s products sell and are well accepted by our customers and the regulatory agencies in Latin America, Europe, Middle East, South Asia and Africa. In operating rooms and laboratories, doctors and nurses, rely on our products. They use our products to perform surgeries, give anesthesia and draw blood for doing tests that give people hope for a longer, more active life.

Safety is not our job; it’s our way of life. We are committed to your good health and safety. Below mentioned is our current product offerings: