Safety Syringes

  • Standard quality polypropylene used to ensure clear observation and smooth plunger movement
  • Gasket is made from highly inert Thermo Plastic Elastomer (TPE) in line with global standards
  • Needles have exceptionally sharp lancet point to penetrate tissue smoothly and with minimal pain
  • Simple, convenient, intuitive, uncomplicated mechanism
  • Audible click indicates device activation
  • Offered as a needle only or a combination product
  • Final product is sterilized by ethylene oxide gas for safe use

  • Raw material PP of grade H200MK is used for barrel and plunger manufacturing
  • Nominal capacity of the syringes is as per ISO 7886-1 standard
  • Graduation lines on the barrel are numbered at a volume increment of 0.2 ml
  • Maximum dead space is maintained as per ISO 7886-1 standard
  • Nozzle Lumen is as per ISO 7886-1
  • Needle point has a bevel angle of 11° ± 2°

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